Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, it's time to make resolutions and figure out what I'm going to do with my life for the next year! [after returning from the little schindig with Ka-chan, Sophia and the guys].
Photojojo said something really interesting/applicable that I think I am going to inherit. They say that you should focus on ONE resolution - and make it fun! I don't know if my focus is really 'fun' but I am going to choose the first one off my "prototype" list for resolutions as the one I follow most closely. Here it goes.


There are many reasons for this: one, I don't like eating crap; two, it hurts my stomach to eat so much; and three, it just doesn't help me in my road to healthy living. Therefore, it's time to give it up. No more fast food and lots of lima beans from home for snacks - yippee!
2. Update blog more often
I think that it's good to communicate from the world, and from what Gala Darling puts up, it can be both inspiring and fun. I think that I am going to use my blog as a fashion diary; taking a picture per day of the outfit I am sporting [even the ones of me just in a t-shirt and sweat pants] and deciding whether they are worthy to put up. There are another bunch of ways to involve myself; probably craft project agendas and other things. I think I just need to write about, well, me more. Call it conceited, but I prefer to think of it as 'personal interest.'
3. Finish college blanket before college
This is seriously a no-brainer. It would just be sooo lame to finish it late considering I have half of it done already. Seriously, no duh.
4. Complete Davidson Fellows
It is an insanely difficult process, but I think I will emerge a better writer because of it. Regardless of the money, this challenge will let me write a cohesive portfolio and re-troll The Big Picture 2008 photographs for beauty and greatness. Good luck to me!
5. Produce Speak
This is vastly for me, my pet project. But I think also that the community benefits from these sorts of things. Talking about issues, approaching them in a new way, working our butts off to produce a play that the entire school is involved in [not just the students!] It will be an amazing ride and I won't let anything get in my way.

And thus, my resolutions are set. These aren't really 'resolutions' so much as goals, because I have a clear plan or am in the process of making a clear plan for all of them. There was only one prototype that I took off the list - to exercise more. I think that it will just flop because I always fail that one. I would like to concentrate on what I can do starting today rather than something I'll regret. The others I am going to toy with are: no swearing, use up all magazines/college mail in crafts and projects, make a zine to commemorate high school, keep up with all friends through the mail, learn to sew, watch more movies; less TV, and knit a well-fitting gorgeous sweater.
The theme of this year is to turn over a new leaf, and I am going to sell most of my wardrobe tomorrow and buy some new clothes to baptize this ideal. Hooray! Other than that, college occurs in this year, graduation occurs in this year, working for myself starts this year, and general mayhem and chaos returns in force this year! Let's enjoy it!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, here's the January 1st picture of my outfit - an orange dress I bought in NYC belted with a black shiny thing. The quality might not be too great, but I was experimenting with ISO speeds, flash, and looking down on a subject [hooray new perspectives!] Enjoy.

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