Camera Play

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So... today I was going to work. I was going to work on essays, homework, projects, memorization... but then I fell asleep. I got about 115 pages into Bill Richardson's autobiography [yay!] but realized that Indian food and going to bed at 3am make you exceedingly tired. So I took a half hour nap, woke up, and suddenly didn't want to work anymore. Instead, I talked to Heathy about news headlines and played around with my camera [and finally read the manual - who knew there was such good information in there?] which, consequently, produced this image. I finally know what Av means! [Aperture value] and have been testing it to make the background blurry for my self portrait [which features a scarf that's normally tied around the knob of my drawer] So, I give you, Jan. 2! Except not really, because I realized it's actually still Jan. 1 even though it feels like a day ago when I put up the last picture. Ehehe...

Oh, and here was the best scenic memory of the day!
*on the phone with Heathy*
Heathy: It was funny because I saw the lights flashing 2 miles away about 2 minutes ago and was thinking 'someone's speeding!'
Heathy's Mom (in the background): Yeah, I saw a cop car just drive past.
Me: What if the cop was speeding?
Heathy: *laughter* Fred, I saw you... Darn it. Or it could be like, before the slip of paper is sent out, a guy standing next to the copier, uh printer! And someone comes in and is like 'what are you doing?' 'nothing...' '*picks up ticket* is this you?' 'maybe.... *backs away slowly*'
Me: Ah, the crazy cops speeding paradox...
Heathy: I think we could have a 5 minute TV show every day.
Me: Yeah, like a minute long Youtube video!
Heathy: Yeah, that'd be awesome!

That it would, Heathy, that it would. Maybe if we ever decide to make our show, this will be our first script. You never know...

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