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Welcome to The Cowation! My name is Jordan Alam and this is my personal creativity blog. It is a look into my world of writing, art-making, activism and inspiration. That means bringing together my politics and identity with art (can they ever really be separated?). Rattling around in these not-so-old bones are many identities I hold dear, including being a Muslim and South Asian woman. I consider myself to "contain multitudes" as Walt Whitman has said, and through this blog you can get a glimpse of those layers. I currently am traveling after having graduated from Barnard College (my experience of which is nicely summed up in this senior profile) and like to give a good public reading. My life revolves around the exploration of "healing work." I have worked in as varied and wonderful spaces including: a doula organization in NYC, a women's health peer education office, a domestic violence agency, a zine library, a youth development program, and on independent research assignment in Bangladesh. I am also currently a doula-in-training. And, if that wasn't enough, I am the editor and founder of As[I]Am, an arts and activism online magazine for Asian Americans.

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