I Love You

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Heathy, you probably won't read this [until I tell you to on Facebook], but I love you. You made my day with your post about love and so I wanted to return the favor with a tribute post.
I really want to be a little more free. And that's sort of what I've been doing here - becoming more independent and free. Getting lost in the heat and squalor, the New York sunsets and the Globesonic dance music... Dancing till the break of dawn, laughing loudly and talking about awkward subjects, going to Dark Knight premieres and living with girls who are carefree and beautiful. I'm totally making it sound glorious, but it seems a lot like normalcy now. Like it's part of our lives. And I really don't want to leave.
I love this life. The ability to pick and choose and feel beautiful about myself in some reasonable manners. It tests me to be brave and also interesting. It makes my not-so-colorful life turn into something reasonably awesome.
So, I love you Heathy. I can't wait to see you because then I can share my adventures and love of life with you. I want to get to know myself and get out of senior year.
This is a short post, but at least I now have an inkling of consciousness to improve myself next year. [I sound so... transic. But it's not really that]

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