Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's almost unfair.
I feel like my time here was full of awesomeness, a great group of new friends and artists, people who really understand me (and if they don't, it didn't matter because we got along anyway). Now so many people are talking about leaving and it is very depressing. So I just had to write one paragraph pertaining to how strange it will be not living with these girls [because now basically everyone but Stephen lives in our one room] and how horrid it will be to take classes in subjects that are unappealing, uninteresting.
That paragraph out of the way, I would much rather talk about our last few weeks here. We did soooo much stuff in the last week that it makes only sense to put it in bullet list form. And so, I go.

- Mister Softee frozen yogurt stands [and not the fake-y fruity 'fro-yo' but the REAL stuff]
- Getting lost and finding a Pokemon convention where the flea market was supposed to be
- Switching trains and stopping at Union Square where local people hawk their wares amongst huge department stores/boutiques
- Visiting a heavy metal paper store with long curly bearded men serving up delicate and elegant sheets from around the world
- Meeting many synaesthetic people [many]
- Times Square and the afternoon cluster, feet screaming out for rest, blacked from the dirt and earth below
- Halal and otherwise awesome hot dog stands
- Visiting The Strand and getting lost [ready to die] amongst the thousands upon thousands of volumes and volumes and volumes...
- Julie losing her wallet either to a mistake or pickpockets [I don't trust those people selling at the stand...]
- Walking around NY alone, hovering over the packages purchased on subways from afar
- Working on zines [yes! we learned how to make mini books in our fiction class! whoo final projects!] in a group of artistic/artistically challenged children
- Collage that didn't know what it was going to be until it became politicized and that was that
- The New Yorker expanding and retracting its Obama satire [conversely, Obama '08 pins for sale]
- Discussing religion in the wee hours of the morning
- More lessons [and games] on sex and drugs
- Gathering for a food-based poker night! [first time playing poker, whee!]
- Crazy sugar high Oreo bonanza that was done in 20 minutes - it's all over but the crying

And that's all I have to say for now [I know, you're cringing]. It gives me a hell of a lot of material for later though.

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