Working for the Weekend...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So, although I didn't post anything yesterday, I am counting my double post on January 1st as that one [I haven't broken my resolution, so there.] This will be brief, because I don't feel very interesting today, only tired and stressed out although I am just finishing vacation [bizarre, right?].
Yesterday was a whirlwind of shopping and selling - although I didn't get much for my clothes and mostly donated (the picture above is of me toting my two huge garbage bags of clothing; it wasn't a very good expression so I cropped it to catch my trippy shirt, haha]
I am mainly happy that we are returning to school. I get to start things that I just couldn't do otherwise, and may even take a break from scholarship work. That is what I am going to be pounding into myself for tonight and tomorrow: writing that final January scholarship essay. It seemed so easy when I was just thinking about college, the elation that I felt at being accepted to Barnard, but now... now the road has gotten tough. I guess I have to put into effect that saying then ["when the road gets tough, the tough get going," although I don't know if anyone says that anymore...]

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