Missing... Everybody

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It seems that I've basically been using Facebook to miss people right and left. Everyone from Ka-chan to Nina to Heathy (who I'll see in 8 days, by the way) to friends that I will soon see in school. It's interesting to me that we miss so many people in our lives. Or maybe I'm just getting philosophical at midnight - who knows?
Since everyone is gone, there's a feeling of emptiness in my house. Not necessarily of the actual people, but of their presence. Of the feeling that someone else is living in this big cavernous space we've created for ourselves. In pre-college, 4 girls were living in a room equivalent to the size of my parents' bedroom. And we were happy.
Space is always a good thing and I enjoy having some time alone now where I can just sit and think and not worry about bothering people with loud noises or unsavory subjects. However, I still feel that I would rather live closely with someone than rest in this spacious crypt for the rest of my life. It's true that there are three people living here, but one is disconnected and the other is at work so it's not really the same. College will be good for me.
I really do miss a lot of people. Not just for the privilege of Facebooking and Bumper Sticker-ing them 50,000 times, but for the idea that I lack their presence in my direct life now. I must be a little spoiled by all the wonderful people I'm surrounded with.