On Being Alive

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, I guess I have to face the facts that a college essay will not write itself and that I am not superwoman, but the lovably fallible J who hopes to complete everything in the next three weeks. Haha [if only that would happen]. However, I do have a pretty good chunk of my list done from previous posts ago. When I go to Heathy's I am sure that I will explode, reanimate and then go on a conquest of the world. It's quite logical, really.
Anyway, for the past weekend I have holed myself up in my house with a tiny cold and a lot of sewing [since I cut up all the t-shirts that I never wear because they're too big/not shaped right] and now I have a closet that is half as filled as it was before [and a nice skirt made out of t-shirt scraps! yippee!]. I watched the Olympics and Michael Phelps [who is definitely the American pretty boy - but also my personal favorite, I don't know about you] and was interested by the fact that the U.S. gymnastics team has a lot of color to it [or more than I would expect - I'm using these brackets too much, aren't I?]. There is an Indian guy and a Chinese guy on the mens team, the women are coached by a Romanian woman and Shawn Alexander is coached by a Chinese guy. Also, on the amazing swimming relay team there was a black guy swimming with Phelps and the rest when they beat the French after a come-from-behind stroke. As my dad would say, "only in America."

Interested to see the product of my sewing? Here's a picture of me in that very t-shirt skirt.