Which Cows Should We Use?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Though it is unnecessary to explain what the above title means, I thought I'd acknowledge that Heathy and I are crazy enough to want to take cows all the way back to New York. It might work... ya never know.
I should probably be working on things, but something about the contagious 'it is summer' attitude just hit me. A little late, but probably because in NY we were always doing something. Now all I want to do is sit at home and take long walks and paint my nails red. I guess it's some type of existence. But, what I've been doing with all this time at home nonsense is I've been making grand plans again. So! I now have both a financial and environmental plan for our lives next year. I am already having talks with the Man In Charge (Da) and he approves mostly. Perhaps there are some quirks to hammer out, but that will be for later.
My financial plan consists of closing off all frivolous spending, such as outside food, accessories such as books and clothing, and gas for the car. In this way, we will save money for the essentials like fixed computers and house repairs (as an added benefit, bike riding tones the legs!). As well, I am going to stipend myself on going out to places and doing things that cost money while simultaneously attempting to get a job. In this way, my preparation for college should be much easier - and I won't blow all my cash once I get there.
My environmental plan is not yet fully developed, but our first step will be to become completely bag-less. I can easily use scrap yarn to knit bags for us [and there are attractive patterns on Knitty] as well as the multitude of reusable tote bags given out by/really cheap at different establishments. Along with driving less, giving away/moving out inutile items [like clothing never worn, things that take up space], and buying organic, I think we will move to the next step in environmental ness.
These are all things to lead us to a better life and better world because, frankly, we need to start taking measures into our own hands. We don't need all this stuff and we certainly don't need to pile on more while a. wasting money and b. not using it. Hopefully things will work out and I can go to college already trained to work on these same factors.
See? Sometimes my grand schemes are LOGICAL [alongside these same schemes are the 'finish all your work in the next two weeks' and 'lose weight' plans however...]
I have successfully stopped biting my nails by the way, I consider this a big step in hygienic living.