Sheryl Crow - Good is Good

Thursday, May 8, 2008

He deserves her.
He deserves anything to make him happy. I really want him to be happy.
I use the general 'he' here because there are a few menfolk who need to be happy again. I won't name them, but really - sometimes there is no substitution for someone to nurse your thoughts with, to heal your wounds.
I don't know why I'm getting all sentimental right now, but probably because it's late and I'm talking to Kita about the world and the recent plot of my life has been so driven towards gratification in some way. I need to stop thinking of it that way, but it will take all of my willpower to do so. I'm going to start on my health plans and I'm going to learn to cook and I'm going to fall in love and I'm going to read. I'm going to learn and breathe and take steps forward - baby steps, but steps nonetheless.
I am going to give up my happiness.
I have been so content lately, it just seems that I should be doing something with it. I know that right now is exam month and everything is supposed to be selfishly focused, but I feel maybe I should at least write in a selfless way to buoy up those thoughts. To hold on to something I really believe in amidst all the complaining and problems of these petty little pieces of paper called 'tests.'
She deserves him. And he deserves her. They deserve happiness. And I wish there was some way to give it.