Sunday, March 16, 2008

That's right. I am listening to nothing. Perhaps that is the reason why I've chosen to blog - because I can actually hear my thoughts more clearly now. (I tried to write out my hot-to-cold perspective all weekend, but opened the window only to realize that I sound really insane...).
Ah, but this weekend was an interesting one. Full of discovery and merriment. I would give a synopsis, but the main highlights were that I got to see Chels and her friend Megan at the movies [in Issaquah: The Other Boleyn Girl], then I hung out with a bunch of Asians [in Bellevue: particuarly Jasmine, Erica, Jacki, Kita and some other guys... we saw Vantage Point and went go-carting (instead of shooting, which was a disappointment...)] and then I tried to spend some time with Kita and Ka-chan [in Bellevue: in the rain: with our crazy parents] Finally, Monday (though it is not the weekend) I learned another valuable lesson from yoga. In order to cut down on plot summary, I will now explain the merit in learning stuff about yourself.
Strangely enough, I realize that I can easily surround myself with people who care about me and who I have fun with. It's not a matter of choosing these people; they just appear and you have to take the initiative to do something. For some reason, I never realized that until just recently... o_o [yay for 'Big Lesson of the Weekend' moment]
Similarly, at yoga today (I almost said yesterday... am I so detached from the present?), my instructor told us two valuable things. First, that television is evil [she mentioned this in much kinder terms, explaining that the images people see on television are filled with violence which make them needlessly afraid...] and second, that you should take happiness right now.
I am notorious for not taking this advice. It is the medicine that I think will COMPLETELY change my life, and yet I don't ever wise up and understand it. Always, always, always I am planning for the future or some eventuality or saying 'I will make time for myself next year...' or something off-balance like that. But, I am slowly realizing, that there is no point. Why not feel happiness in life today? Just because I'm lacking some things, just because I feel lonely at times, all of these things... they don't matter. It is the love for yourself and for people that just makes everything alright.
But I have given my strange 10:30pm rantings too long of a word count. I must continue to plug my brain into some small homework things and then retire. Au revoir.
[P.S. Random Randerson sighting at Crossroads on Saturday! That's amazing...]