The Future Freaks Me Out...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ah Motion City Soundtrack... you save me [gratuitous song reference]. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, and other times I feel extremely forgetful. It's not a good combination. I have to make lists constantly to remember things. It's been a somewhat relaxing week, but I feel that will change in a flash of a heartbeat. What I really need to be working on is my theater essay, which is a great looming crazy thing that I don't know how to research (and yet I am passive aggressively avoiding it by blogging instead... hm...)
We've decided to go shooting this weekend. It'll be the first time I've even touched a gun - much less shot any target. I think it will be incredibly awesome, but also somewhat terrifying... A bunch of teenage girls who all want to go shooting guns. Then we'll all follow Jasmine to 'da club' and 'get our freak on' (I believe that if this ACTUALLY happened, the world would explode.)
For now, I am going to write a story and learn about myself. Because isn't that the point of anything creative? I just feel like I've given so much of my time and effort to school that... well, we've all heard the same sad tale of wasted youth and etc. I won't bore you with the details. I'm going to learn to write again, and I'm going to perform next year. I'll get up the courage. And no one will have to be watching.