Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I plucked a dandelion from the tip of your skin and let it fly,
A whoosh of soft air,
And powder puffs.

That was just a short poem that felt like being written. So I wrote it. So there.
Many important events have passed in these few weeks; I am happy to report that we had a sister fly in for about five days and spread the world with her good and change. (yeah, that sounded religious, but it wasn't!) Heathy came up for SakuraCon and we partied for the last few days. She brought snow. Mounds of it. Spring snow - isn't that curious?
Partying at SakuraCon led me to wearing blue hair to school, hanging out with Kita for more than my recommended daily dosage, staying up late into the night watching Japanese dramas, watching Mudkip transform into a gorgeous babe, and raving through the night on Saturday while snow was falling and crepes were being eaten in the cold. It was a time of quiet and extreme loud.
Sunday of Heathy's visit, we just palled around and bought clothes (which taught me the value of appearance, because I've been feeling fairly down about wearing sweatpants 3 out of 5 days a week) and talked and laughed. It's wonderful to have a sister [only closer. o_o] It's not that we are the same people, it's just that we have such great compatibility that we can exist together without the mondo-psycho-drama that seems to surround average friend folk. We're more alive, I believe.
So you can imagine my grief when she was about to leave right? Nope. Strangely enough, this trip didn't feel awkward at all. There was no interim period where we had to 'reconnect' or anything. It was really nice. When she left, of course, I realized just how long ago it was that we saw each other, but that never got to me throughout her time here. 11 years is a long time.
Ah... but the reflective normalness of this situation is funny to me. Because during that time I think the main reason I felt this way was because I still was able to yell and be competitive and horrible at home when she was here. After partying, I realized that oh! I had homework. And so I pulled one of the few 1am dealios that I've ever done. Gah, but yeah.
School seems so generically evil lately. What with all the stuff they're cramming in before spring break and the nice weather and the fact that everyone just has a tiny hint of a cold... Gargh. I'm just kind of reaching for that time off so I can make myself anew again. Which sounds weird, but I have goals for this time. GOALS, I TELL YOU. Ah, but that will come later.
For now, I must turn down my sheets so that I may slip between them. Bye.