SakuraCon: A Photographic Journey

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I copied seventy-two pictures to cover spring break - a lot of them are Sakuracon photos, but there are also a bunch that are not. Here are the ones pertaining to Sakuracon; the next installment will be other spring break things. Now, for your viewing pleasure, last weekend:

Andi and I (as Machika from Immortal Rain)
Gina (front)
Gina (back)
Cute Crossdresser
Hottest Girl
Me (w/ my new fave sweatshirt)
From Princess Mononoke
Tuxedo Mask (a favorite of mine)
Pretty Girl
Amazing costumes!
Gina (eating raisins out of a wine glass - haha)
Fox McCloud!!
Cup o' Noodles!!
Zelda: Twilight Princess!
Amazing Wings!
Hot Zombies
Learning to dance before the Masquerade
Cute Crossdressing French Maid!
Awesome Pair
Swords and Hooves
Blue Centaurs
Tigress Mother!
Couple of Epicness
Howl's Moving Castle!
Pyramid Head & Zombie Chick
Hottest Guy (The God of WAR!)
Creepy Pocky Stalker! (whose actually a cool guy)
Dealer's Room
Hangry & Angry Cat 1

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