Spirit Week '09

Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking a break from the Photographic Dictionary [considering that I was rushing around all day at a mile a minute], I present you with... THE BLACK CAT, a fictional superhero that I created from cat-pertaining items that I found in my closet. Today was Superhero Day for Spirit Week, so I decided that I wasn't Catwoman-y enough to be her and went with a cuter version. Hope it's enjoyable.
Other than that, tennis killed my legs, but I am happy to say that it makes me feel great. I know that I wasn't ready conditioning-wise, but working out just makes me happy. As much as I hated it in the moment, I loved it when I was out. Then I went to yoga and Aurora was back and she presented us with another one of her great insights about how we accept an imbalanced world because everyone has some sort of imbalance - there are a lot of ways that I would change that I hope to embark on (maybe now, maybe in college) and she just seemed to encourage that sort of work.
Anyway, those were the positives and major highlights of my day [the negatives are pertaining to my quick temper, Speak vs. administration, and the fact that I worry a crazy amount when any deadline begins to approach - eek!] I will probably bring back my dictionary tomorrow, but for now, enjoy my whiskered face!

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