Another Tiring Day

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time hit us by surprise - we woke up in the morning feeling strange and then OPH! We're late to a meeting. Fortunately, we had woken up an hour earlier than we thought we should [lucky timing, right?] and then hopped into the car with tea in hand.
When I returned, I lazed about [probably not the best idea] until people showed up at 1pm. Compared to yesterday, it was a more mellow and less productive day - but we did get to rehearse scenes! We worked on the papier-mache turkey (which is now finished), making flyers in Illustrator CS4 (which Joshka didn't know how to use...), running the Gossip Girl and Freeman scenes, and watching Master of Disguise (which has to be one of my favorite movies - go fig!).
When all was said and done, we had hosted Madame at our house with her kids, heard the sad story of a wounded coyote in Sofia's backyard [it had to be shot...], and I got to hang out with Marisa for a bit. All in all, it was a good day...
...except for the hyperventilation thing. Both yesterday and today, I got it, and I think it lowered my immune system so now I have a small cold to go with it. It's kind of sad, actually. Yesterday, I got to see Ka-chan and have her paint some of our poster space, watched it snow and ruin the world at night and - oh! I totally forgot to talk about the play!
So, last night, I went to a musical featuring Elena at Overlake [called Once On This Island] and it was amazing. It was about Haiti and a folk legend type of idea, which was really cool and bittersweet - even so, it seemed like a fairly jaunty tale because of the music. It was basically about an orphan girl who grows up and feels ready to be out into the world, then girl-loves-guy (because of the gods who played around with her - fighting Death and Love in her heart) who has crashed his car (since part of Haiti was French and the other native), and then her struggle to get back to him. Though she becomes his mistress, he leaves her for the society girl - and she dies waiting for him. However, the gods are merciful in her treatment after death, so though it is sad, it seemed happy as well.
Afterward, there was a big deal of thanking people and saying goodbye to the seniors, which I thought was pretty cool. I know that there's no way to compare our show to that, but it was just a nice example of great high school theater.
Anyway, after all of the happenings of this weekend, I am really struggling to get some work done. But it's just one step at a time, right? One step at a time...
I really hope that snow doesn't cancel school tomorrow.

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