Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That's it. I've been converted.
Heathy (a long long time ago) sent me a sampler of three types of loose leaf tea, and so I asked my dad for the best Valentine's Day gift ever: a tea ball.
So I have now opened both the Darjeeling and Earl Grey teas, smelled their deep aroma and gazed at their dark brown leaves... and was thus converted. I am now going to switch over to loose leaf tea completely once my bag tea runs out. Ah, Heathy and her strange intuition of teas...

In other news, everyone is dying from sickness and we lonesome souls brave the school days with our fallen comrades in mind - apparently, my Super Cold took out nearly half of my friends (including Joshka, who hasn't gotten sick in 5 years...) Oh well; get better soon is all I can say.

And, I have decided not to up the ante for my word count until this weekend. After my revisions class, I will determine what I want to work on the most: revising my novel or writing 500 new words every day? That is the task for this Saturday.
Then, and only then, will I know my true destiny...

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