"Our Love Don't Have to Change... No It Don't... Have to Change..."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wish I could photograph sound, because I have been listening to John Legend's first CD [Get Lifted] over and over again in my car, at my house and in my head... My goodness, so much soul music! It preserves me emotionally.
There is really little to say otherwise. Here is the latest on my Goal of the Month Plus+ plan.

“Jeza! How are you doing? What’s going on? I feel like I haven’t talked to you in ages…” Leo’s voice rang with excitement and Jezabelle could almost feel the phone vibrating in her fingers.

“Leo, when can I fly down and see you?” she responded, covering her head with a corduroy pillow.
“What’s up, babe? Man in your life? Or are you just homesick?”
Whenever she spoke to him on the phone, Leo’s voice was perched somewhere between ADHD and springing puppy; even when he was concerned, she could hear the excitement leap from his throat. She wondered if that was the reason he had married so early – Sylvia could keep him at bay whenever his emotions got the better of him.
She breathed out a tired sigh. “There’s no one…”
“So is that the reason? No one is the codeword for ‘I’m lonely and need to hide on my friend Leo’s couch for three days’?”
“Can we make it three weeks?”
“Sorry, babe, we just can’t keep a downer in the house for that long. You’ll mess up the sheets if you cry for three weeks!”
Jezabelle snickered, wondering why she had ever moved away.
“Well, if I can’t invite you in, what else can I do for you? Set you up an e-profile? Find you a blind date? Mix up an airborne love potion that will make all men fall at your feet?”
“The last one would be nice.”
“Cheer up – you sound like a wet cat.” Now he was really getting concerned.
“No, Leo, I’m fine… I just need to see people that I actually like, you know? There’s no one around here for me and I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels…”
“Well, why not take a vacation? Go to the beach, meet someone, have a torrid romance… and then decide whether you want to come back home or not. Couldn’t hurt, could it?”
Leo’s ideas were always so childlike and simple – she wondered why she couldn’t think of them. She mouthed words of protest, but he wouldn’t take any of them.
“Take a few days, seriously. Get out of the house and don’t tell anyone where you’re going.”

The picture for today is of my billowy sleeve (can you tell I love these thrift store finds?), the red beret I wore today and my lucky bracelet. It is a testament to getting my tripod back - oh Gloria, how I missed you.

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