Take Me Away From Here..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can you believe it? It's been a month since I've started writing 250 words a day. My Goal of the Month document now has 7500+ words in it [actually, since I write way too much sometimes, it has 12,200 words in it thus far]. I am on top of the world! And, I believe, I am going to start writing even more... to 500 words a day!
But that I will decide that this evening.
Once again, I am waking at 5am and hopefully will go to bed on time tonight at 9pm. This schedule has changed a lot of things in my life - I no longer watch TV nor do I have the same needs as everyone else when it comes to waking in the morning. Granted, I still forget some things, but I feel a lot more capable than I used to. And so, last night, I realized that I need to do another purge.
I am going to intensely clean the house (including places that aren't mine to tend) and find everything a place - including Goodwill or the landfill. I believe I can either sell or store the tiny television that I never use, separate myself from some childhood toys (or, better yet, turn them into craft objects) and tidy up all the places that have gone to hell in the last few weeks. Time for a change, right?
I also think that I want to buy some new clothing. Not sure exactly why, but maybe because I have been losing weight I want to treat myself. I don't want to call this a goal, but I think I will take it on regardless: when I lose 7 pounds [one pound more than I have already lost], I can buy 3 items of clothing (from the favorite thrift stores or Northgate).
Happy month-long journey!

Also, I don't know why this is my photograph for today. The angle is almost a mirror of yesterday's - one looking up and the other looking down. I think I was just sick of looking at cast photos.

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