Sunday, January 4, 2009

It was late, the night was young... my head was filled with grand ideas and my veins were pumped with caffeine. I set down the glossy-covered book with Bill Richardson's smiling chubby face and began to type - slowly, at first, but then more frantically. Soon, a whirlwind of words were pouring out of me, the pages filled at an alarming rate. Sweat gathered in my underarms, but I was too focused to care; when my father yelled 'Go to bed!' I promptly ignored him and stuck my nose between the pages, desperate to find one last quote. And then - it was done.
That is the story of my almost all-nighter. I was all set to be writing my JFK scholarship essay today, but instead I just stayed up a few extra hours and praised Bill Richardson until 2am. Then I crashed, tired and happy, until this morning. It was so great to be able to wake up, laze about, and not have to worry about essays, homework, or anything else [although I probably should be doing some line memorization or something... ah well] So today I basically compiled all the loose ends that needed tying up and did them really fast, then went and did my own thing.
And today, my own thing meant making... a light box.
I had grown increasingly fed up with trying to get good natural light and/or the flash for my DSLR to come out well, so finally I just grabbed a box and cut holes in it as per the tutorial on Photojojo [hooray!] Now I have a functioning light box, complete with lamp - my main problem is that I now have to find a way to evenly light it.
The picture above is of a mirror that I decoupaged [accent aigu over the 'e'] for my Italian penpal as a New Year's gift [I hope you like it, Chiara!] I took lots of other pictures today because I took some "me time" but this was my favorite.

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