Scrubs Sentimentality

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am such a softie. I can't even tell you - I just watched a really sappy episode of Scrubs where Elliot and J.D. just got back together and I am now like "why can't I have a relationship like that?" even after watching their entire roller coaster up and down of relationship problems. Anyway.
Other than my slightly sad TV addiction to that series, today was pretty interesting. They beat the energy out of me yesterday, but through theater I have regained it today. I was very pleased with our first read-through of the Speak script and am totally pumped to start working (I think that with all the basic blocking down at least I can start to be interpretive) People are always going to have scheduling issues so I think that the way I'm going to handle it is that if you're not at rehearsal, then we are going to put a stand-in there for you and you're just going to have to learn the blocking. I know that doesn't sound good, but I think that's the best way [at least as long as you're not learning gobs and gobs of lines]. I just have to keep myself extremely organized and together.
As well, during Extended Essay presentations tonight, I was a theater speaker and people told me I did pretty well [strangely, my dad was the most critical of me - I was also very hard on myself because I think I can do better, but other than that people were like hooray!]
Dang... I just realized that I changed out of one of my favorite formal outfits - I should have taken a picture! *is debating whether she should go jump back into it so that she can get a shot for today* Yeah, I think I'm going to go do that. One second. (I am feeling totally vain, but I like the idea of a fashion journal and my somewhat new philosophy for this year is that you should really invest in loving yourself - I am always fixated on faults so I can never truly feel like I'm up to standard: why not just give myself a break and let me be silly and crazy just as it is? I must sound like a babbler [there it is again... those stupid multiple voices])
Ok, I'm back, and with a pretty cool shot! (I am an idiot though, I just spent an hour using different poses and then found my favorite one by just doing the typical "face it at you and shoot" thing... oh well, a little less sleep won't kill me)
Anyway, enjoy my neck and little aluminum heart in my beautiful orange sweater - I would have gotten the sweet gold boots and the black pants, but they would just distract from the shot.

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