Nananana Nananana HeyHeyHey Goodbye...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow. It's getting really difficult to stay calm.
We have just waved off three of 'the Clan' (with a 'C' as Ariel specified) and now it's just Nina and I left. She's leaving tomorrow morning and I'm leaving tonight at 6pm. There is something strange about this fact.
I remember Da telling me once [probably after the reunion] that there is no greater bond than one where you live with people. Though we've been living together for only four weeks, it is really hard to say goodbye. Amy was crying, Stephen singing, and Julie... she was just herself.
I wish I had something else to talk about, and I probably do, but all I can think about is the awesome times that we've had here and that I really don't want to leave - although I guess there's no point in holing up in an empty room filled with stripped mattresses and suitcases. I gotta think these things through sometimes.
*mental montage time*
Something that I've really realized though... today seems to be like saying goodbye to my closest friends in a one day period. I have had really great friends over the years who have left me [Heathy, Chels, Ka-chan, Kita...] and kept in touch, but there's always a span of time between leaving them. So now, on this huge day of saying goodbyes, I guess it's like recapping all of that. Hopefully with a stronger foundation.
I sound like a sappy girly teenager. And that's all I want to be.

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