Saturday, August 2, 2008

You know something everyone should know about me right off the bat? I hyperventilate when I have too many people and/or too much clutter in my house. I think it's my little OCD thing. I don't know though.
I only say this because we have my aunt and cousin visiting from Finland; they're nice enough but for some reason I have a strange reaction to these types of things. Anyway...
After returning from New York, things are pretty mild here [and veryyy quiet...]. I've been reconnecting with old friends and Facebooking the new ones [hooray for our instant gratification culture!]. My steady diet of Adbusters, National Geographic, and many many new books has kept me alive and I think my waistline might be thinning out - or lying to myself, whichever one works.
We went to Seaside, Oregon for a traditional vacation hangout on the beach, then stopped at Powell's bookstore in Portland [another extremely large and awesome place... I bought Pablo Neruda, which made me joyous inside]. We then scurried back up to Seattle for some tourist-y views of the city and stuff that the general population doesn't often gravitate towards. It's actually strange how that happens. You think you 'know' the city because you've lived there, but you haven't done the common banal things... hmm.
Other than that, I've been trying to squeeze in some time for working on school stuff and writing out the history of my entire existence [kidding] while still going outside so that the evil invisible bat monkeys don't get me [not kidding].
Eventually, I might have to declare insanity. Oh well.