Evening and Morning

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well, senior prom was yesterday.
Although I'm not a senior, I asked a senior to it and I got to go (yay!) Strangely, it was in the Harbor Club, where my friend had her bat mitzvah a long time ago. Also strange, Madame and Senora Gonzalez were there as chaperones. Even more strange: we abducted Jeffrey to go along. o_o
It was a fairly fun evening, I got to dance my first dance with a guy [Aleksey] and we had some laughs and some lateness and some kind of strange moments. Overall, it was a neatly PG13 night.
This weekend was all about having fun, strangely enough. Though working on homework and club stuff came in pockets and I am still probably slacking off, we had an amazing Friday with Charlotte and Ka-chan at the park and the mall [where I bought yellow jeans! yes, yellow], then the next day a really nice time meandertholin' with Kita before prom, the actual dinner/dance agenda, and a night spent talking with Ka-chan about ness. Then today there was an Anime Club party where we got to run wild for a few hours, and now I'm just putting off my time so that I don't have to do my WL2 essay. It's all good though, hopefully nothing is as difficult as it really seems..
I am wondering, however, how my internal monologue will pan out. All of these fun things are happening, but nothing really life-changing yet. I hope that my trip to New York will shake me out of this box that I seem to be in. I am feeling quite ready for the taste and feel of someone other than myself, but I know that's not a realistic goal considering the haphazardness of that subject. I'm just a statement. I have no bearing on this world other than being right now.