Monday, May 26, 2008

I bought some new plants.
Since I don't really like those types of plants with flowers and whatnot, I bought an aloe vera and a moses-in-the-cradle, which now adorn my room in their pots. I'm going to try hard to keep them alive; my last aloe vera plant did pretty well until one sad day [probably overwatering instead of under] and this moses-in-the-cradle is supposed to be a hardy beast.
I have so far gotten half of what I want done, because I decided to take my 'goofing off' time earlier than my 'knuckle down' time. Oh well. I'm pretty good on being through stuff by when it needs to be done. I just have to work today [yes, I said it today] and get the rest through.
I spoke to my Italian penpal online, and she is just as happy that the year is over as I am. However, she gets out a week earlier than I do; all the same, she has 2 more years of high school compared to my 1. It's always interesting to hear the tales of mutual confinement within our respective educational establishments [yeah, that was the 'refinement' kicking in, I'm trying it out ya know?]
I feel like I should be writing, considering that I'm sitting here at a late hour with nothing to do, but lately I've just been getting scared to produce/scared to finish. It was one of my resolutions - to finish my stories and also to do some slam poetry - but for some reason there is fear in me. Stupid 'what if it isn't good enough?' and 'what if I don't have time?' kind of crap. I think it's because I've been phenomenally stressed out by school and everything has become this swirling mass of due dates and no-shows. I have to be more forgiving and at the same time more harsh. It's arghing.