I Just Want To...

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have these intense cravings every once in a while and, lately, all I want to do is dance! Not just randomly or anything (that would most likely embarrass the masses) but go dancing. I should start going with Jasmine to 'da club' as she puts it [the Korean gangsta girl style]. But, what I'm REALLY looking forward to is going to SakuraCon.
The rave dance during SakuraCon... ah! It is the most freeing portion of the entire thing! Besides, I get to see Heathy for the first time in a long time and that's a big deal. I really hope that we can get a hotel room, but it's not looking good... At least it is awesome to go and party. Get away from all these regulations and feed my cravings.
Maybe it's just because I'm listening to Ian Van Dahl. [I will now make a point about whichever song I'm listening to at the current moment, just so that later I can feel all self-conscious and learn to get over it]