Happiness Is...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

- A room with pen and paper

- A good meal shared with family and friends (my current favorite is pullao with goat curry and potatoes; I can eat it all. day. long.)

- Cuddling up and talking for hours with someone you care about

- Watching your niece grow up to be taller than you!

- A clear lightning storm against a dark sky

- Listening to your friends make music, watching them make art, and cheering them on

- A book and some free time

- A busy schedule of appointments that you'll actually enjoy

Join me today and make a list of all the little things that make you happy/that you're grateful for; it can be as abstract or as concrete as you like! Often when we struggle, we don't think about the positives that surround us every day. When you're really down, it's hard to see how the light that is all around us. But it is there, and we all have something to be grateful for. Take a few moments today and explore them.

In the mood for lists? Here are some more!