How to Value Your Work

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This summer, I set myself the goal of going multi-media with the blog, so I am excited to present my first vlog post! The subject is valuing your artistic work and bringing it together with your identities. I apologize that there is currently no transcript because I did not yet have time to create one. After the jump, you can read some fast facts about the video-making process. Enjoy!

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All About This Vlog:
- It was originally 15 minutes long! Not because I wanted it to be that way, but because I just talked on and on without a script and then cut it down.
- I wanted to do an "interview with myself" style at first, but thought that would be boring, so I emulated some other vlogs that I had seen (albeit not as well, probably)
- The camera quality switches in this video because my point-and-shoot died and I had to use my boyfriend's DSLR to finish up the rest [he also did an amazing job cleaning up the sound quality disparities in the videos, whoo!]
X That should also explain the black ghost in the screen - my point-and-shoot has dust in it, which I didn't know was possible...
- I did almost all of the editing in Windows Movie Maker, which is super basic and frustrating. My boyfriend finished off some stuff in Soundbooth (sound), which I wish I could have someday...