CED Round-Up: Seattle Pride Parade!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

This week was event-filled and awesome, so a lot of the work I was doing happened outside - particularly at the Seattle Pride Parade, in which I fanatically snapped pictures of everything from the Washington Bus Summer Fellows to the amazing outfits that people adorned. Check it out after the jump - and yes, there will be dancing.

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Snooze on Wednesday...

Thurs: I got the chance to start in on my second sleeve again (once I got over the fact that I had messed up and didn't want to look at it for a while) and so here is the length its at now!

Fri: I worked in a little bit of fiction writing this day because I knew I'd have a lot of photography work this weekend.

Typetrigger Prompt: stumbling block
She was diplomatic with every word she said, measured even. But it was easy to read the subtext.
"Our problem is not the voices."
Our problem - like they had some control over it.
"We must work with them; that is our struggle. We are not working with the voices.
She was listening to herself speak more than giving anyone a message. The group sat in the circle, cross-legged on the carpeted floor, glancing from one face to another to avoid looking at her.
"Things fall apart sometimes, you know? And you have to start working to pick up the pieces. I'm sure..."
Someone coughed and she was cut short, whipping her head around to see the perpetrator. In that same moment, one of the group members stood to leave.
"Where are you going?" she asked, jolted by the mutineer.
The man stiffened and his neck creaked as he looked over his shoulder.
"I don't want to hear you talk about the voices anymore."
"But we're here to talk about them - I'm a new member, I want to start healing..."
"I live with these voices and I was never trying to get rid of them. Therefore that is not what I'm here to talk about."
"But, you're suffering--" Her voice warbled and the grimaces turned to piteous looks.
"We're all suffering. You said yourself, things fall apart." Everyone nodded their heads.
"I want to put them back together."
"We are here to accept, not regress." Another woman chimed in - her strong voice carried and the group bobbed their heads.
The new girl began stuttering, her words now jammed in her throat. The man left. Others followed him with their eyes and finally with their bodies. Finally, all that was left was the girl and silence.

Sat and Sun: Saturday and Sunday were Capitol Hill Pride and the larger Seattle Pride Parade, and I was snapshot-happy throughout both events. If you Like The Cowation on Facebook, you can access those pictures (and tag yourself or tell me about your Pride experience!) In the meantime, here is an animated version of our Pride Parade dance.

Mon and Tues: I produced a video yesterday that took up all of my creative energy for Monday and Tuesday. The video, which premiered on Wednesday, is about valuing your work as an artist of any identity. Check it out!

Weds: I'd like to say that I created some creative blog post ideas for the Hella Bus blog on Wednesday, but that was more of a collaborative effort. So, instead, enjoy some past Creative Every Day posts while I charge my creative brain cells.