Memoirian Highlights: The Week of Heathy

Monday, July 6, 2009

The week of Heathy was filled with waffles, speaking at the same time, bad food eating (which ended, literally and actually, the day that she left), hanging out with the menfolk and laughing until we cried (and no, I'm not joking). It was pretty good and mildly annoying at the same time - since we're such silly people, sometimes it seemed like we were more explosive together than life really warranted, but that was also a bit of the fun. Overall, I was sad to see her go, and hope to see Heathy again when she actually moves up here in August. Cat face!!

- Ah... tea. It brings us our very favorite memories - exploring the rich flavors and intercontinental merits of one tea over another, basically growing into minor tea snobs as we debate the merits of loose leaf over bagged... but then, I took Heathy to my favorite little tea shop in RTC and this tea-ful beauty changed.
It started as a friendly encounter with a tea merchant - and ended with the guy giving Heathy his phone number and a lot of free tea. Apparently he thought she was cute and, just as in niche manga everywhere, totally hit on her without her even realizing it. Now, whenever we discuss tea, we have to avoid the Tea Guy - code for the 30-something that totally freaked us out, even though he seemed like an upstanding guy. Though I suppose it was a single incident, it definitely makes me wonder about unwanted male attention...
- Heathy and I had our ups and downs this week; there were some moments when things became trying because our personalities clash when we live together. I think it's because we have such different routines. Though we laugh together and have a lot of fun talking about things, I don't think we're very similar in our lifestyles. I am quick to get ready, she takes a long time... she gets sad, I get angry... things like that. Although there were some issues faced that way, I think it's just good to note that being best friends doesn't mean that the pressure isn't on when you live together. That is the same principle that kind of takes apart couples that live together for their first year - things just aren't the same when you see every little detail of their lives.
- Going to the sushi place with Josh and Heathy wasn't terrifying, but it did make me feel somewhat bad that I didn't like the food... I tried some things that I liked, but I found that most of it was still not something I'd prefer to eat. Ah well, here's for the trying.
- We went shopping and chatting, like true girls, that week. I bought some cute brown shoes (which, sadly, are slightly too big for me so sometimes my feet slip out) from Plato's Closet and we went hunting for a bathroom cup that Heathy's dad [apparently] collects. We settled on a mug and chocolate and a Japanese toy for Will (who she was talking about during the entire vacation - I guess I can understand the separation thing for couples, it's hard).
But my favorite memory of the week with Heathy was definitely going for a walk from Idylwood to Marymoor. Despite the fact that Heathy had blisters and I was wearing a somewhat sexy top and got honked at, we decided to take a walk and read/talk/photograph/write. It was very relaxing to just walk and talk about life. We took photographs of the natural life of Washington and I really appreciated just being able to live here - it is beautiful, you know? Then, when we got to Marymoor, we stepped on the rock stones to soothe our feet and had an interesting experience with "pleasure" and the foot. Whee, randomness!