The Trigger

Friday, March 27, 2009

At 3:20pm:
When I want to take a break, I do.
When I want to work, I do that also.
When I wish I was doing something else entirely? I fight and struggle to get things the way that I want.
I think I failed my IB Theater TPPP today - even though I thought it was solid in preparation, I didn't do well. And so, before I jump off the bridge into the freezing water of rejection and failure, I am giving this day up to myself. I want to do what I want. Everything creative and pent up that just wants to burst out of me: now is the opportunity. What kind of list would this make? I'll probably make dozens. But I want to do it all. Right here and now. Let's go.

At 9:55pm:
I spent the entire day doing a one-on-one photography shoot with myself. Why? Because of pure frustration energy. I wanted to celebrate myself, do something creative, accentuate my crazy wardrobe and new figure, avoid homework, and (best of all) create a stockpile of images to blog with [46 whoo!] I think it turned out pretty well - I was tossing around this idea with making a collage. Now that I have spent the entire day focused on that, I now am dog tired and minus one lamp (it fell over during my shoot). I think I will carry out other parts of my list, such as writing a flippin' story and reading.
Yeah, probably reading.

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