Predictive Text

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, if I were to title this blog post fully, it would be called: Totems Got Talent & the Predictive Text of My Life. Because for some reason whenever something clairvoyant or similarly hinting at a future time, I (rather than calling it foreshadowing) call it my "predictive text." Aren't we so glad to be in a modern age?

Memoirian Highlight: Totems Got Talent

The afternoon was a lazy bump on the log of my life (and as melodramatically cliche as that sounds, it was the only fitting introduction). I bummed around after I heard tennis practice was canceled, yet again, due to hurricane-like rains. Seriously? We've been outside for a full practice perhaps 2 out of 16 days of tennis now. Wonderful, wonderful Washington.
But the "gift of time," as Ms. Keeney deemed it, was thrust upon me, and I had only the inclination to do the responsible senior student thing: sit on my bed, reading and knitting. I probably should have worked on my portfolio or studied up for some test that would possess my soul in the coming days, but instead I just piddled my time away making string into fabric and finishing up the last 100 pages of
Eventually, it was time to rise from my aching seated position and wander off down the street to Sammamish High School for Ka-chan's Totems Got Talent show. Sometimes high school ideas are not bad, sometimes they are not good, but generally they are always fun to watch. So I loped from the bed to my car and drove in the direction of the sun, which, by the way, was
directly in my face because I am too short and therefore the protective covering did not reach my eyes. I really need to get sunglasses - curse you awe-inspiring natural occurances!
As I reached the school, I was still wrapped up in my literary world, and so after I bought the ticket, I began reading in my seat. Frantically, and with a passion, I finished the final 20 pages of the book and was satisfied just as the lights came down for Peter and Ali.
As our hosts, they were a soft-spoken comedy act and just funny enough not to upstage the performers. There were many many musical acts - most of them amazing, actually. There was a violinist who really made the canaries sing with her performance of The Hot Canary (she won 1st place), a boy who used the entire guitar as both a percussion and strummable instrument (who won 2nd), and a tap dancing tiny chick who was sparkly and beautiful and I don't know how she got her legs to move like that (who took 3rd). The other acts were inspiring as well; both hiphop and interpretive dancers, giving us a feel for the entirety of the dance world, a bevy of singers from jazz choir and other hidden talent pools, speed painting and comedy from Ka-chan, Mr. Leffler going down on Mr. Kendrick (who was a judge, and actually super awesome with his obviously faked German accent and Diet Coke montage) and even a lip-synching Pokemon master - which may have been a little stretch for the judges. Other than Kendrick, the judges were Gingrich (an older man with a dry wit and a round intonation) and Renee (a blond woman who was clearly the "nicest" of the panel). Overall, the night ran one hour longer than expected, and I was set to marvel at the colored lights flashing on the back of the stage as my starvation muscles clamped down over my stomach. I hurried out to give Ka-chan a goodbye hug and then rushed home to garbanzo beans and dal.

Right now it's foggy outside, but I must tell you that the clouds will eventually part and perhaps we will see shining day this afternoon! I have now the conviction to go to Cheap Wine and Poetry, which is totally awesome because I love literary readings and am kicking myself for not being more involved in Hugo House as of late. Anyway, other than that, life is pretty much a monotonous hole that I'm trying to read my way out of (finished "Death of a Salesman" and Fool in the last two days - along with two knitted squares of variable difficulty)

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