Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 True Statements:
I am challenging myself to stay calm.
I must be obsessing over extreme crops and fabric shots.
I watched The Daily Show interview with Jim Cramer - and got freaked out about our economy [again].
I would like to make a collage, but I can only slave away over knit squares.
I should never eat lunch right before practice; my sides started cramping so bad I had to walk the mile yesterday.
I am secretly [now not-so] grateful that the game was canceled (partly because of the time off and partly because I really want to play in our first match).
I am going to tolo with Quinn.
I told Da to make a vegetable soup today - and it actually tasted good!
I found out I like cabbage, which is weird.
I let my anger/frustration come back today, and, no matter what I tried to make it go away, it got the better of me.
The 11th True Statement:
I am really excited for tomorrow because it concludes the week, concludes my PPP, begins and concludes Group IV, and allows me to start my creative process again. Hoorah!

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