Here It Goes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I haven't been able to write in a few days or so, and I think it's really throwing me off. I guess I am going to just write a completely rough draft in less than 20 minutes.
So, here it goes:

The Crash Course
RING!! Here the parting shots,
Of your distant dissonance, barely waking you up from the sleep of the grave;
Is that my alarm clock singing or am I floating haphazardly down the hall?
Trippin' over freshmen like freshmeat or worse - nothing at all.
We've seen it
all before, or so we think,
That theater has our fingerprints all over the walls,
Those door handles, these hallways, those elevators,
Yeah, we've seen it all before.
We trudge into your classroom like the end of days - blessed,
When the final bell herds us onto old pavement.
Yeah, we've seen it all before.

Skip the lip service, we've been through this all before;
The aftermath, it rings, like the sound of your cell phone going off at just the wrong time,
In your skull like a sadist trying to burn you alive.
But we stay here, we breathe,
We ask ourselves questions that make little sense,
And I'm not talkin' 'bout the "Ohdoeshelikeme? Wherewillwegoout? Willwebe2gether4ever?" kind of crap that leaks out of your brain on a Wednesday afternoon.
I'm talking about the "Where do we go when we die?" kind of stuff,
The subjects in English class that actually make you
think - contrary to whatever you thought was real.
"Where are we going? What's wrong with society? Why are my parents doing this?"
Or maybe, most important, "Am I going to graduate?"

I will finish this later. Now it's time to go to tennis!

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