Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am beautiful. And sexy. And confidant and independent and loving. And a great friend and a potential girlfriend, wife and mother. I love myself. And I need to hear it.
This week has been an absolute self-esteem crusher. We aren't even at the pinnacle point, and yet I am feeling battered and cast to the side. So I'm taking this post not to be vain, but to be real. To give myself a little attention. Because yesterday I had no time and the night before I was too tired and the day before I was sick and in pain.
Why am I so beautiful?
Take a breath. Look at all these moving parts of mine. Look at the joints that hinge forearm to upper arm, thigh to shin, head to neck... think of the skill necessary to give me this soft brown skin, these dark brown eyes, this raucous curly black hair. What art created these ten fingers and ten toes? Exhale. Let it be known that we are all amazingly beautiful for the bodies God has given us. We are so beautiful. I am so beautiful.
And I am in love with every single part of this beautiful body - the cracks of my skin, the pimples, the relative frailty, the wilds of my hair... I love it all.
I realize, and I hope everyone realizes someday, that we need these words every single day. It will save us a lot of pain and doubt in the future.

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself.
Because sometimes it is really the only thing you've got.

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