Coming Home - John Legend

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The messages from The Universe really keep me going.
I get them in my email and I think that everyone else should too - because they're just alternative to what you often hear with the little "words of wisdom" you see once in a while and just stop believing. Today the message was:

'See through the fog that tells others nothing matters, nothing is happening,
and it does no good.
They realize not, Jordan, that every second of history... was optional.

Burning down the house,
The Universe'

It makes me appreciate that all of these things are present. It makes me feel a little rebellious. And it makes me feel like whatever I am doing now, regardless of how difficult it may be, is definitely mine.
Thank you messages from The Universe. I am going to shamelessly plug you right here so that everyone can have a little laugh or a little thoughtfulness at your awesome new advice.
TUTs Adventurers Club

(By the way, nobody will know, but I was practicing shutter speed timing with my little bobblehead tiger that my friend in South Korea sent me a really long time ago - it was bobbling away as I snapped this shot - sweet, huh?)

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