Rhyming in Effort to Make Things Right

Friday, January 16, 2009

In essence, it was all a mistake,
This life that you live and the choices you make;
They rend you asunder, find no other stake,
In the ground where the foliage even greenness must fake.

I believed it too, I did.
On that axis where evil would place every bid,
Where the betters were betters, their ends just more ends,
And no queen in the kingdom could say where she sends,
Those mystery debtors, cast away every sprawl,
But who - even losing - have the essence to crawl,
Towards the highest mountain and lowest dale,
And, essentially, there mark their reasons to fail.

So, for better or worse, in this story we sigh,
Telling ourselves there's no reason to cry;
There's no reason to panic, no reason to shout,
For that is one possibility we can simply rule out.
But for all the misfortune, all that I dread,
It still seems quite easy to avouch to my head,
That nugget of doubt that may seize someone whole -
As a man in the swamp drowns in more than his toll.

Let me live in this lifetime, let me live without shame;
For you, your eyes, wander in effort to maim,
The quiet self-confidence that I've come to blame,
For teaching me now that I'm worth just the same.

[I felt like I needed to rhyme to express my frustrations - so I did.]
[The photo is of Heathy's cow toy reading National Geographic with my dad's glasses. I think I might do a series of interesting objects around my house; it just felt boring to do them as just things (like the tiger bobblehead yesterday) so I thought I'd try setting them up in situations. Hooray.]

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