An Unspecial Report

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Man, that was perhaps the hardest thing I've had to do this year.
Getting myself back on track with the NaNo word count was really difficult today - I was two days behind and I just got up to the necessary for yesterday. That means I still have to write about 1667 words for today but, thankfully, that number is no longer tripled by my stagnation period.
Other than that, I stopped freaking out because I have finally applied to college! Yeah, that's right, now I have to be killed by the waiting period until exactly one month from now [I will just try to keep myself busy - which shouldn't be too hard because we still have two weeks of NaNo and are starting a play].
Though we had an assembly AND a day off this week, I felt like there was less time than usual to do everything. There was just a whirlwind of things to do, say, think about, prepare for, everything! We had a newspaper issue meeting, T.A.T.U training and presentations, a drama meeting, were told to prepare for our oral French presentations; I had to get my recommendations sent out, Extended Essay edited, chapters read, money counted, classes taken - after school on Wednesday I just sort of jumped ship out of anxiety [hooray for bookstores!] Friday I saw Ka-chan and hung out with her for hours and didn't go home [which made me happy, a break from the usual] and then went to a movie with Hugo-kun [Quantum of Solace was hyped up so much but it really wasn't the best Bond ever...]
The rest of this weekend I'm going to take for myself and planning for the future. My missions are too numerous to list, but I need to at least rest so that death does not befall me too early.
College, where art thou?

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