Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This year I have pledged to myself that I will win NaNoWriMo.
And this promise, so far, seems to be on track. But I am still teetering right on the edge of whether there will be another 35,000 words jumping at the edges of my psyche by the end of the month - it is, of course, the dreaded week two and I only barely skidded in my word count last night with a magic flush of brilliance soaring in at about 1am. There is a lot to be said for the magic of tea and hot chocolate.
Thus, to keep myself motivated, I am going to log in some incentives [read: bribes] and some general writing tips [read: get-off-your-butt tricks].

- WHEN I win NaNo, I will buy a fabulous t-shirt from them
- WHEN I win NaNo, I will have earned the title "The Most Fabulous Novelist in Existence!"
- WHEN I win NaNo, I will start on my other projects from years past and try to scoop them into barely legible first drafts so that I can have a mass editing party later on
- WHEN I win NaNo, I will get to sleep for three years
Having Trouble Writing?
- Reach for a new medium [computer got old last night, so the typewriter really helped! and then when people went to bed, pen and paper is the most discreet of objects]
- Storyboard! [using or paper or lists, any way is fine]
- Pick up a craft that you can pour your hands into and think about the writing
- Gnaw on the idea of what will be more important to you in the future [a novel or that English homework? a novel or that finished scarf?]
- Play Tetris [I know it sounds distracting, but playing always makes me feel guilty and I go back to writing soon enough!]
- Talk to your friends about your writing [Heathy is a gentle push! Ka-chan will ask how it's going. Many others will just be envious that you're doing something crazy!]

I am going to write 50,000 words in this month and I will be the better person for it! I WILL LIVE UP TO BEING THE MOST FABULOUS NOVELIST IN EXISTENCE!

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