A Brief Nod To The Crazies

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love my friends. Honestly, we're the silliest strange people ever.
Yesterday, after going through a long Friday at school, it felt quite tiring to be alive. However, I got the familiar "JORDANNN!!! SOMEONE'S CALLING YOU!!" sound of Heathy screaming from my cell phone and immediately picked up a call from Kita [who, as often is the case, was bored]. So, we decided to call random people and get together with whoever we could. But, right as I got to his house to pick him up, my phone died. So, we scrambled back over to my house, jumped on my bed like little kids, and started calling people from my charging cell phone [making fun of each other the entire time, haha]. When it was found that we had NO ONE to hang out with, we jumped back in the car and went to see Ka-chan in downtown Bellevue. Instead of going to the familiar haunts, we traipsed arm in arm around a quaint little Medina park, discussing life and the world sans reserve. Finally, hunger overtook us and we journeyed to the Round Table [for pizza, after many mis-turns on my part]. Sitting and sharing a Pepsi, we chomped on veggie pizza and discussed school and teenager-y things. Onward from there, we traveled to the Interlake football field at twilight to spin in random circles and sit in the soccer net. And talk, of course. Then, after boredom [and the looming feeling that we would be arrested...] got to us, we went to Crossroads Park and walked circles through the darkening sky.
I guess I haven't hung out with my oldest friends in a while, but it's great to be around Kita - who continues to be the quirky mellow semi-serious semi-insane guy I've always known. And with Ka-chan, life takes on a new level of 'what the hell are we doing?' It's just nice to know that we can all get together for a few hours as the most amazing people in the world.
No joke.