Leaving Once Again

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it odd that airports seem to be normal now?
I feel like I was literally just there, whether it was coming in, leaving, or showing someone off. I love to travel and airports and all of these things though, so it's not a foreboding feeling - more excitement. I'm just sad that the summer is coming to a close... We are traveling during the year, but it will feel more like liberation from a cage than a lifestyle.
On a completely different note, I embarked on my aid to political candidates for the first time. Hooray! I have now gone canvassing for voters [a.k.a. become an annoying door-to-door voter pamphlet girl... albeit unsuccessful because my partner and I got lost] and done phone calls [telesolicitation galore!] and played badminton behind a campaign office. I feel fulfilled. I actually really enjoyed helping out - after the early jitters of talking to old people that I don't know and the fear that I would start hysterically laughing. As well, it gave me some cool ideas for stories, which is always a plus.
...I completely lost my train of thought.
But, I have found that I am going to do picture stories and have some inspiration created from my own body of work. And watch the Olympics. And try my bestest to finish things that need to be finished eventually.
See you in a while, Seattle! Moorpark/L.A. here I come!