Taking A Moment...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am going to take a moment to appreciate diversity among people at length [not just in the racial sense, but from what I've seen just living here].

I have met...
- A dark skinned Guiana girl who is of Indian descent with the last name 'Singh' (indicating Sikh) who is really Hindu but her family has a lot of inter-religious marriages and she is by far an American teenager living on Long Island and basically taking in the life that a lot of people have - suburban next to a city.
- A Taiwanese/German girl with no residency in China; thus, she hops from German soil to China in a 2, then 5 year movement - who speaks a few languages and is enrolled in an American style school in China and voices her opinions about life much more than the average young Chinese girl.
- A New Mexican (yes, a Hispanic race from that area when it belonged to Mexico) who appears very white but whose family speaks mostly Spanish and lives a life of accidents and interest in a land full of gangsters and farmers.
- A white boy from California who is conservative and sheltered, yet likes to write of worlds he has never seen (and probably will never see). A straight-laced Christian kid with a gate on his community who just cannot pick up the references.
- Myself.

Those are the five [yes, I include myself] people that I hang out with the most here. They all have distinct personalities and are wonderful to hang out with - we just clicked automatically and sometimes I hope that college works like this all the time. But we'll see later.

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