Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have printed my first assignment, gone on my first excursion, attended my first production meeting, and done my first load of laundry at Barnard College! [mostly in one day]
I don't know why, but these little milestones like moving in and sleeping my first night with a roommate and working out in the Columbia fitness center just make me feel great. The little things make independence seem so alluring [though I probably won't be singing that tune when I've done this for more than a few weeks...]
Even just the fact that I am able to go wherever I want without anyone is wonderful. I am working now on a few photography projects for the Barnard Bulletin and I am ready to just explore the city without restraint. The excursion to Spamalot yesterday was extremely funny, but viewing the New York night life was the truly amazing part. The fact that there are so many different people makes you feel a lot of different ways - sometimes dangerous, sometimes included, sometimes lonely... I think that breaking the monotony of my summers is a trend that I really could get into.
On a side note, the Columbia campus is beautiful. Barnard is a wonderful place to live, but right now they ripped out their courtyard and are doing some crazy construction (which will be finished by the time I graduate and [hopefully] arrive here) so they are less glamorous than I saw last summer. Columbia, on the other hand, is a sprawling piece of green in the tall and cramped city (ex. the two-inch wide hallways of the supermarket). I have not yet been to the parks, such as Central and Bryant, but for now Columbia is my oasis of grandeur.
As you may have already noticed, I'm having a fantastic time here. Despite all the little challenges of being a 'freshman' [ex. not knowing where to buy a laundry card and having to run around worrying about the load of clothes you left in the machine...] there is so much reward in getting to be here.
Also, if I do become a freshman here, I will take those lessons wisely.

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