Memoirs of the Worst Dancer in the World

Friday, May 23, 2008

Gah! I feel like the worst dancer in the world. Maybe because I learned the dance last week, I can use that as an excuse for my failure, but I messed up so much during the try-out today. We got in, because everyone 'got in' but I just felt like a loser and started asking people if we did well or not. Most of them said that I didn't do well or that people were freaked out about random people dancing to a Japanese anime song (which angered me, if you don't want to watch, don't comment!)
But, this was just the try-outs. I have to remember that there is 2 weeks until the actual performance and I am just going to work on Hare Hare Yukai some more in that time.
Enough about that.
For now, we have a long weekend, so I am going to catch up on some BIG HUGE assignments and then give myself some time to goof off. We are finally done with all the tests, but there are still 4-5 weeks till the end of school [liberation!] so there are many projects and essays. Ah well, there is fun stuff in between.
As of the moment, I am doing well with working out by taking Step classes, going to the gym and doing stuff with the trainer. Tomorrow I get to hear her first comments on my food journal, and hopefully I'll be able to change my habits... >.> However, I'm slightly scared considering I overheard her yelling at a guy ["FIFTY-SEVEN GRAMS OF SUGAR!" o_o]
Other than that, for now it must seem that I have a really boring life. It's probably true. However, I am quite content to end out the year with a hectic/crazy/boring life [contradictory, no?] And then it's off to NYC! *stars glitter in eyes*