Absent of the Extemporaneous Insights

Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been having knitter's block.
And gamer's block. And student's block. And get-yourself-rested-person's block. But ya know, all of these I could probably live with. The one that's really cramping me down is simply this: I've been having writer's block.
And it's not just a disease that affects my writing of creative pieces, but it's also not allowing me to write any letters, draft any emails or (if I really get down and dirty with it) craft any blogs.
I wish I could be writing poems for National Poetry Month or writing to my Italien penpal about all the stuff that's happened over the last few weeks, but... for some reason the word-hole connected to the inner forespace in my mind has been stopped up and I can't even think straight.
I've been watching Japanese dramas in an attempt to get my sorry life back into shape. I've been picking up my needles and voraciously knitting a few rows and then thinking "I should be working on something else." I've looked longingly at my television screen and thought: if I were playing Luigi's Mansion I would have gotten to the third boss by now.
Sadly enough, the world is tempting me to do things other than sit on my ass and spend money. But I'm just not taking this time well, I don't think. I should be working on something meaningful right? Something interesting... at least to me. Maybe it's drone time 'cause of all the upcoming exams and the fact that we only get a week off. (I've been reading like a madman and hanging out with people - so I guess it's not a complete loss)
I guess I should stop complaining now, right?
Sometime, I'll figure out what's holding me back and then I'll swing it to the bars of these steel cages and scream 'HA! You no longer hold me in!'
Hope that day is soon.