Given the Circumstances...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do you want me to tell you a story?
Our fate lies future-bound in the unending cosmos that is,
Our bodies,
Like sun-clipped gems, resonate within.
There's no need to act in pre-arranged fashion.
Life's on a permanent standstill for this one moment,
Caught in the tangle with twine and mortar,
Fastened to the surface like wind caught in a jar.
Eternity passes in tandem.
Flows into our bodies and out of our mouths,
We feel the boards creaking, the tides shifting,
We age because we feel like it.
If there's a need for communication, it's here and now,
Right now. Right here.
With the extra heave of the thrusting sun,
And the amber glow in sudden heat.
The cosmos grind to a halt.
Beckon us,
Call to our likewise amber glow,
Our hands tremble in awe.
One single moment...
And we are gone.

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