List: House Sounds of Dhaka

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I was speaking with a friend living in Oregon about how Bangladesh is right now, and she asked about whether it was quieter here - heavens no! So here's a list of common sounds that I have been hearing in our home in Dhaka:

1. Prayer call at five times during the day (someone recites a Quranic passage over a loudspeaker at 3 different mosques in our local area alone)

2. Crows, crows, crows (cawing mainly in the morning - there are two that we've been particularly fascinated with who seem to be buddies)

3. Constant fans whirring (keeping us semi-cool)

4. Food-sellers yelling their wares from the street

5. Occasional street noise of rickshaw bicycle bells and car horns

6. Other apartment dwellers (since the apartments are so close together - we get screeching babies and the smell of whatever anyone is cooking)

7. A dog howling to the same tune as the morning prayer call; cats fighting in the night

8. Tik-tikis (house geckos) occasionally making their hallmark ticking sound

9. Cooking