A Week in Pictures: The Domestic

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I've always had in my heart a special spot for the domestic arts. I've tried my hand at most of what we would now call leisure activities - sewing, knitting, crafts, cooking, etc. Often these activities are ragged on as being somehow privileged and un-feminist. While I'll own up to the fact that the ability to experiment with one's leisure time and resources is indeed privileged, I would like to think of these pursuits as something of an escape from the trials of regular life. For some, cooking is creativity and even if it is in the context of providing a good meal for one's family, it is a form of expression that I find extremely valuable and often ignored in our daily life. If feminism is about choice of pursuits and domestic activities are one's chosen creative or leisure activity, then that's wonderful. On the other hand, it is definitely important to recognize that the enjoyment of these activities is still wrapped up in how much time one can devote to oneself and time/resource-consuming work. Some food for thought the next time you're thinking of taking up some new home-based activity.
Check out my adventure with cookie dough for delicious proof of my domestic activities!