Small Celebrations

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recently, I wrote an article for ThinkSimpleNow on celebrating everyday life. Since that time, I've been thinking a lot about incorporating celebrations into monthly, weekly, and daily rituals - because honestly, sometimes it can feel like time is just slipping past without you even realizing! My hope is that we claim even a small bit of that time for ourselves, and celebrating it is one of those methods. Here are my suggestions on creating mini-celebrations:

Plan to savor the day for at least one period of time each month. I know, I know, it can seem hard enough to just get enough sleep let alone take an entire day to spend in celebration. But we are not made of mechanical parts - we cannot "recharge" by giving our bodies just its basic needs. On this one day of the month, savor the idea of being alive with nourishing food, company, entertainment, or calm so that you can synthesize all of the activity happening during the rest of the month.

Schedule in 30 minutes - just half an hour! - in which you can do exactly what feels right at that moment. If you're a planner, like me, you might have an established idea of what that time is for (e.g. go swimming). If you're more spontaneous, enter that half hour with no expectations. Sit down on the floor and meditate for 5 minutes. Then decide what you want to use the other 25 for.

Take note of something touching, beautiful, funny, or spectacular that you experienced that day. That could mean photographing it, jotting down a few words in a notebook or diary, saving it to your computer, Tweeting it, or any other way of preserving the instant. Cultivation is key. If it's a thought that makes you smile or feel at peace, then it's something worth remembering.

For more of my reflections on celebration, have a look at Celebrating Life in Small Moments.