Project x Project: Sweaterdress Beginnings

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I walked miles in the heat of day last week to arrive at the Redmond-based craft store Ben Franklin, my favorite local yarn shop (LYS). I mulled over yarns of differing color and weight, imagining their eventual feel and drape on my body, feeling them as I would a lover between my fingers...

Eh heh... well, I do get quite giddy when I make a new yarn purchase. Anyway, a few weeks back I began dreaming of a sweaterdress that I wanted to make as a summer project, and I have finally settled down with yarn and needles to start it! In fact, I may even try to do two if time allows. The pattern for the first one, called "Monica's Tunic" and offered through RedHeart, can be found here.

Although it is not technically a "sweaterdress" according to the pattern, this tunic will be long enough by completion to fit me like one (short people are awesome). I have decided to make it out of a brown and blue variegated (self-striping) yarn that is chunky instead of worsted, which meant that I have to alter the pattern in order to make it knit up correctly. After one tireless hour of crunching the numbers, I have my pattern set up for the rest of this voyage. Updates will come as the piece continues to grow!

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